There are many people in the world who own a car. All of them want their car should work perfectly and no problem occurs when they are going for a short or long drive. They have to take care of their car by opting for car service at regular intervals.

There are chances that the engine stops functioning properly and the car breaks down on the way. Brakes may not work properly because the fluid has become old and is not clean. Many other types of problems can also occur in the car if car service is not done at regular intervals.

When the car is taken for servicing, a mechanic needs to check whether the engine oil is functioning well or has become dirty. If the oil is not found to be in a working condition, he needs to drain it out of the body of the engine and add new oil. The owner needs to read the manual to check the frequency of changing the oil. Mechanics may also suggest changing the oil on the basis of distance covered by the car.

Because of the latest technologies, people have now started using thin oil for petrol cars and low ash oil for diesel ones. Another thing that the mechanic has to check is the filter. The filters are used to restrict the entry of unwanted particles in the engine as it can result in its malfunctioning.

Here are some of the benefits of Car Service


Car service will ensure the safety of the car as well as the passengers. Car accidents can occur due to many reasons but if the car is not adequately serviced, the possibility of occurrence of an accident goes up significantly. Some of the potential causes of fatal accidents may include faulty steering, brakes not working properly, worn out fluids, low level of some of the fluids, and many more. All of these factors can result in mild or even severe accidents.  If the car is scheduled for regular servicing, all these problems can be removed and the car will be safe for a long drive.

Prevention of malfunctioning

Car servicing will eliminate the malfunctioning of various parts of the car and ensure safety for the passengers and driver. People may have seen a person standing in front of his car and asking for a lift. All these things occur due to the malfunctioning of the car.

If the car service is done at regular intervals, such a situation will never occur. If the servicing is not done, then the owner has to pour in more money into servicing after a breakdown. He also has to spend money for towing the car to the nearby garage. In order to avoid all these heavy losses of money, the car should be taken for servicing.

Increase in car’s performance

The owner must track the level of fluids in the car so that the fluids can be replaced as and when needed. If the fluids are well maintained, the car will perform well and will give more mileage to cut down on the cost of fuel. Consequently, every single ride will be smooth and there will be no problem while you take your car out for a drive.

The lifespan of a car will increase

Regular servicing will increase the life of the car as there will be no malfunctioning. Fuel efficiency will also increase. All these things will elongate the durability of the car. Regular service will keep the car at the best of its health and also increases the operational efficiency of the vehicle..

Reduction in pollution

If the car is not serviced regularly, it will pollute the environment by generating poisonous gases. So proper servicing is needed for reducing pollution.

These are some of the benefits of doing car service regularly. This will not only reduce the chances of accidents but also increase fuel efficiency and life expectancy of the car.