Have you seen people working in public garden pruning trees and shaping them? Also, we might have seen a few brave people cutting fallen trees mingled with power grid lines. These guys are called arborists. An arborist not only cuts and prunes trees but also applies pesticides to kill insects and pests that might affect the growth of the trees.

Who Exactly Is An Arborist?

An arborist is a professional who does the work of cutting, pruning, shaping and even caring for trees. There work is multidimensional to ensure that trees are cared for while also ensuring that they do not create problems in the normal human’s life.

This ensures that they don’t interfere or create inconvenience to the general public.

Do you know that an arborist is called out by several names such as tree trimmer, tree climber, line clearance foreman?


Job And Duties Of An Arborist

It is the duty of an arborist to cut and uproot any part or whole of any fallen or diseased tree. The arborist company also provide tree removal services in a most eco-friendly manner. This situation arises after a major flood or a storm. During such a major flood or a storm many trees fall, others are bent dangerously over people’s houses.

Types Of Equipment Used By Arborists

An arborist is a master of using many tools and equipment that cut or prunes trees effectively. This includes trees carrying heavy vehicles such as trucks, tractors, chipping machines, automatic saws, etc. They would cut overhanging branches and stems from wherever necessary.

They also use various safety tools like ladders, ropes with clamps, and cranes to reach working areas.

They usually maintain all the safety parameters such as wearing safety equipment like gloves, helmet, goggles, face masks, and special fully covered dresses. It is the work of an arborist to cut and grind wooden chunks, mulch them if necessary and if it is included within their package. Also, an arborist keeps the safe branches and stems intact so that there is no further insect infestation.

Risk Of Arborist Job


The job of an arborist also has lots of risks. The job arborists do need them to climb up high trees, cut dangerously bent trees, and even trees that are hanging or have become mingled with power grid lines. This requires them to be alert at all times while working while also maintaining focus and calmness.

They use dangerous tools and at constant risk of a misfortunate event such as falling from an overhanging branch, tree parts falling over, electric shocks, burns, etc. Their job role is also to provide tree care such as spreading fertilizers and pesticides and as we know that these are dangerous chemicals.

They Also Beautify Our Surroundings

They also have the job role to ensure that our neighborhood looks calm and serene. They ensure that the trees are pruned and cut or shaped regularly. They will usually work in parks, gardens, street-side trees, and highways.

They have some of the high-end tree pruning machines with which they can cut trees into specific shapes. Also planting trees and transferring trees is one of the jobs performed by them regularly.

Where Do They Work With?


Arborists generally are employed with municipalities, arborist agencies, electric power and grid checking companies, and other companies that work with the government or municipalities on a contractual or tender basis. You can hire an arborist company only if it has the necessary certification, license, and has a name and reputation in the market.

As you can see the role of an arborist is of extreme importance to our nature. They work silently in the background to ensure that we are safe while also beautifying the surroundings.