When was the last time you delve into the Margaret River wine region? Most probably in the summer vacations before the lockdown period. I’m sure that you would be missing the fun and flavor of the holiday season. Now that we are slowly progressing towards normal life, people are now looking for the best places to visit, then must consider visiting Margaret River Wine. The vineyards of this region are popular globally because different vines are still produced using traditional methods.

You might have explored all the vineyard situated in the region, but definitely, you haven’t encountered the hidden gems. There are countless things which are yet to be revealed, and you should do this job in the upcoming summers.

Below, we’ve mentioned the hidden secrets of the Margaret River wine region that are worth visiting once in the lifetime!

Adventurous Tours Of Margaret River

As there are so many hidden tourists attractions of Margaret River, it seems overwhelming to plan your itinerary ahead of your travel dates. Fortunately, you’ll find many local guides who’ll help you explore all the hidden gems of this river. Believe it or not, you’ll see some hidden spots with your naked eyes that don’t exist on Google.

Well, you can surely explore the region all by yourself, but if you are new, and are looking for the smartest way to explore the entire Margaret River wine region is purchasing an action-packed tour from a local travel company. Your tour package should include local food and accommodation and help you explore the hidden cliffs and waterholes.

When you’re exploring the wine region of Margaret River, don’t forget to have a look at the Cape-to-Cape track and its coastal area. You’ll find some unusual ancient granite cliffs and boulders, and it is also the best spot for group hiking.

Lastly, we’ll reveal one of the hidden gems of this river: an unnamed garden is located in the South West, which boasts nearly 2000 orchids and 8000 flora species.

Walk Talk Taste

Driving a car near the Margaret River wine region is a satisfying feeling, but you can do something beyond your imagination. Yes, you can park your car, drop the keys, and taste different wines while walking and socializing with like-minded people.

Get into this pleasurable experience of a taste test of some of the best wines in the town. Walk Talk Taste is one of the best activities for serious foodies who can nibble some biscuits and sip some wines on the go! Walk Talk Taste is divided into two different tours; one is the brunch tour for enjoying the breakfast and lunch where you’ll be served the local food and wine.

The second tour is about enjoying the popular cocktails and night parties of the Margaret River Wine Region. The evening tour is better than the brunch tour because you can try the mouth-watering cocktails and mingle with some girls.

Margaret River Wine

Hamelin Bay

If you are fond of exploring marine life and aquariums, then Hamelin Bay is your destination. Hamelin Bay is a hidden spot which is not yet explored by many travelers, but seriously you’ll fall in love with Australia’s blue ocean.

If you just pass by the shoreline, you can find numerous species of stingrays floating with the ocean’s waves. Some stingrays species are quite eye-pleasing, but you cannot take them at your house.

Stingrays are highly active in the sunny morning, and it is the best time to explore Hamelin Bay. Visiting early in the mornings will help you to socialize with other tourists and snorkel lovers.

Final Words

After exploring some of the secrets of Margaret River Wine region, we don’t think you’ll drop the plans of exploring the hidden gems of this region. So, if you are planning to get over the monotony and explore an amazing spot, then Margret River Wine region will give you umpteen option.