Are you planning to establish your team of website design and development agency? If yes, and you are not sure which professionals to hire then you are on the right page. Here are some important professionals that must be a part of a website design and development agency.

1. Social media marketing expert:

Social media marketing expert

A social media marketing expert is the bridge between the client and website design and development agency. When you are designing your client’s website, a marketing expert will play an essential role. He is the one who is responsible to carry out effective communication between the team and the client. He always makes sure to understand the client’s vision and expectations and then make the team understand it as well. He also helps to correct the client if his vision doesn’t match with the latest trends.

He helps the teammates to overcome all the obstacles.  He also ensures that the website is made as per the latest trends. His work doesn’t stop once the website is made; he further helps in getting the right customers for the client. He is the one whose sole responsibility is to keep the client happy and satisfied.

2. Graphic designer:

Graphic designer

 A graphic designer is the one who ensures that your website templates and concept come to life. He crafts and designs the pages of the website along with the content writers. His responsibility is to create designs that not just convey messages about the brand but also attract customers. Dull designs and layout can directly affect the traffic and conversion rate of the website; therefore hiring an efficient graphic designer is very crucial for website design and development agencies.

3. SEO specialist:

SEO specialist

Many people think that content writers can also do the SEO part but it is not true at all. You must hire an SEO specialist, without proper SEO the website is of no use. It exists but it doesn’t progress, thus you need an SEO specialist to increase the traffic and boost the sale of your website. He will work with both content writer and developer and will ensure that both online and offline SEO is in place and makes changes as per the latest SEO methods.

4. Content writer:

Content is the king in the world of the internet. Well, no website is complete unless it has valuable content and correct information about the product, services, and brands. Having a content writer in your team can also help you in creating great taglines for websites and logos. When hiring the content writer make sure that he has a good command of the language, his work experience, and even his educational background. Content writers and graphic designers work together in creating designs that not only match the requirement of the client but also blend with each other and the product and services.

5. Website Developer:

Website Developer

 The website developer is the one who will do the coding of the website and put together all the content and designs in the website layout. Without an efficient developer, your team is incomplete. He will not just bring the website into shape but will ensure that it runs properly and will conduct different tests to check its efficiency. Moreover, he will ensure that the site is safe and secured.

6. Editor:

The role of the editor is equally essential as he is the one who tests the workflow. He ensures that the site is working properly and it meets all legal compliance.

Having a full-fledged team will give your client confidence in you and you will be able to provide solutions to all his problems. These professionals will help your website design and development agency grow faster. But before hiring makes sure that all the experts have relevant experience with solid educational background.  Hiring freshers could be a cheap alternative but in long run you may lose potential clients due to poor quality; hence, make sure to hire experienced people only for such responsible tasks.