The SEO industry is vast; it is a job that needs immense talent and responsibility. For a qualified and experienced SEO specialist, it is required to possess a specific skill set, exceptional communication skills, clarity of the job and needs of the market, and the clients. In short, one should be equipped with vast knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

It is only a right SEO specialist who will be able to ensure that people will find a product or a brand easily on the search engine result pages or SERPs.

The primary job of the SEO specialist therefore involves:

SEO specialist

  • Identifying, researching and analyzing the current trends of the market
  • Follow and use the best SEO practices online
  • To design and implement the best SEO strategies that will significantly improve the search engine results and ranks

The primary goal of the SEO specialist is to ensure that a website comes across a lot of traffic. The professional has to research and use popular keywords or topics that will be helpful to the readers. At the same time, allow them to find what they want quickly.

The specialist will also follow the search engine guidelines while ensuring that they provide the best user experience, something which you cannot do without in this modern, digital business world.

The Job Responsibilities SEO Specialist

The job responsibility of an SEO specialist is manifold:

SEO specialist

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Keyword mapping
  • Understanding the marketing objectives of the clients and delivering the results as desired
  • Ensuring higher Google rankings and visibility is attained
  • Focusing on better conversions and user experience
  • Diagnosing and resolving technical SEO issues
  • Providing local SEO and better schema markup
  • Optimizing the web pages using on-page SEO mechanical elements such as H-tags, text structure, images, keyword phrases and prominence, Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, and stem keywords
  • Comprehensive auditing of different websites
  • Exhaustive analysis of online competition
  • Follow SEO industry trends
  • Designing and providing an SEO-friendly website
  • Copywriting skills with knowledge about headlines, metatags, meta descriptions, title tags, and H-tags
  • Generating newer and better content ideas
  • Improving the existing content of a website
  • Recommending proper Call-To-Action improvements
  • Designing an appropriate strategy of SEO
  • Following better Content Management Systems
  • Web development and redesigning
  • Using the best and most advanced SEO tools and software effectively
  • Optimizing internal link building
  • Off-site SEO
  • Analyzing the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs
  • Creating the URL map
  • Preparing periodic SEO reports
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Ensuring website security during the web hosting

The skills required 


To perform so many tasks responsibly, an SEO specialist must possess some specific set of skills. One of the essential skills to have is exceptional communication skill. It will help in articulating the best course of action and also explain why it is the best. This skill will also help the SEO specialist to convey the right message of the company to the readers in the best possible way by being brief and to the points.

Knowledge of the market is another skill that the SEO specialist should possess just as it is required to be knowledgeable about the latest trends, tools and software to use for the best SEO results. It will make the job easy and ensure a better SEO result.

Final Words

Not to mention, the assessment of risk is another skill to make an SEO specialist a sought-after person. The professional must know the changes that may damage the image and progress of the website. On the other hand, he must also know what changes are necessary to take the progress needle forward and the rank upward. Therefore, if you have all these skills in you, you can become an SEO specialist.