Every child’s milestone is a parent’s happiness. That’s why parents work hard on doing the best that they can to provide their children with better and formal education.  

However, every parent must also understand their child’s progress might be different from other children of the same age. And that’s because children have their own pace in learning, discovering, and understanding things. 

Parents who aren’t aware of this fact may take pressure on their kids, which might affect the child’s development more. 

On that note, we decided to gather some helpful tips that parents can follow to help their child cope with studies at their own pace, especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Keep in touch with your child’s tutors and ask about his learning progress.

touch with your child’s tutors

If you’re capable enough to sign in your child in private tutoring sessions amid this coronavirus era, don’t forget that you still have to keep in touch with your child’s tutors or instructors. That is to ensure that you’re up-to-date regarding your child’s learning progress throughout his private tutoring classes. 

By keeping in touch with his tutors, you’ll know whether your child needs improvement towards a subject or in his behavior towards learning. 

  • Set a friendly rule about your child’s gadget usage and their social media access.

Set a friendly rule about your child’s gadget

If you want to help your child still learn amid COVID-19 and boost their pace in understanding things, consider setting a friendly rule concerning the gadgets’ usage, as well as his/her social media access. 

Your child might make playing on his/her gadgets, browsing the internet, and logging in his/her social media account a habit. That case may deteriorate his willingness to study and slow down his learning progress. 

Give such conditions where he must accomplish his school duties first before watching television, playing on his gadgets, or staying online. In that way, your child might understand what to prioritize first before the other. 

  • Create a comfortable and peaceful space where your child may study.

Create a comfortable and peaceful space

Although children learn and discover things at their own pace, giving them a comfortable and serene place to study, especially in this time of the coronavirus disease might help them focus more on their school responsibilities. 

Not only that it may help to boost your child’s pace in learning, but will also enhance their motivation to study as they have a comfortable and peaceful place to stay in throughout their class. 

  • See to it that your child takes his rightful breaks.

Learning amid the fear of coronavirus pandemic might be overwhelming for children. Although they may not understand it yet, they might wonder why they’re suddenly transitioning to homeschooling or private tutoring sessions. 

As a parent, make their homeschooling more bearable by letting them take enough and rightful breaks. Give them ample time to do some extracurricular activities, enjoy their leisure time, or anything that can keep everything in balance. 

And that’s some of the simplest ways parents can support their child to learn at their own pace during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you have more suggestions concerning the topic, feel free to let us know.