After a tiring work week and a busy day in school, your family might be looking for ways to savor your well-deserved break. Planning your trip with your loved ones, but without your pet, may be frustrating. Why not go for a luxurious weekend getaway not only with your family but also with your dog?

Make that possible by visiting the land down under! Australia isn’t only a place to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, but also home to many opportunities to enjoy traveling either you’re with your family or your pet. 

So, begin the planning session and make your trip to Australia come to life by proceeding to the next pages!  

1. Enjoy the Toowoon Bay beach with dog-friendly accommodation.

One of the best ways to relax after a swamped working or school day is to spoil your whole family on a beach getaway.

No worries because you can visit Toowoon Bay beach in New South Wales, Australia where you can spoil your whole family and cute doggo. There are generous resorts in Toowoon Bay that open their doors for people, as well as pets as their guests. 

If you don’t mind knowing, Australis is known for its magnificent and pristine beaches. So, as you take your trip to the land down under with your family and doggo, know that you have a vast selection of beach choices. 

2. Dine-in and devour in a dog-friendly cafe in Leichhardt, West Sydney.

Travelling won’t be complete without enjoying some good food, right? So, after a long day of exploring great Australia, fill your tummies by dining in and devouring in a dog-friendly cafe in Leichhardt, West Sydney.

This dog-friendly in Leichhardt, named Cafe bones, has been operating since 2000. The cafe wants its guests to enjoy and interact with their pets while unwinding in a serene and inviting place. 

3. Get sweaty and healthy by taking the whole family and pet for an outdoor run.

What you’ll love about Australia is that it also gives you the chance to stay physically active on your travel. And what you’ll love more about this place is that it has a variety of off-leash locations where you, your family, and your pet can get sweaty and healthy all at the same time.

You can visit some of Australia’s off-leash parks in Sydney. You can take your whole family and your pet for a quick morning run in Centennial Park, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Park, and Rushcutters Bay Park. 

So, get sweaty and healthy with your loved ones without leaving your pet behind!

4. Visit New South Wales and make your dream camping with your fam and doggo.

Another best bonding that most families love so much is a camping night. Camping outdoors is something that your mind and body need after a long and tiring week in school or at work. 

It’s a good thing that Australia can help you with your dream camping experience with your whole family without leaving your pet behind. Just don’t forget to add New South Wales on your Australia travel list to get the most of your most-anticipated camping experience. 

Copeton Waters, Grabine Lakeside, Lake Burrendong, and Wyangla Waters are some of the state parks you can visit in New South Wales. 

5. Relax and call it a day by getting pampered in a day spa not only with your fam but with you doggo too!

Before leaving the land down under or before going back to the norms, treat yourself, family, and pet in a day spa. It’s one of the perfect ways to take away all the stress, anxiety, and tiredness. 

Well, don’t worry because you have the chance to enjoy a relaxing day in the spa with your spouse, kids, and your pet with Sydney’s selections of quality salons that cater to both people and pets. 

Why not take a look at these well-known pet salons? – For Dog’s Sake, Secret Dog’s Business in Willoughby and Dogs @ Play. 

And there you have the best ways you can do to enjoy Australia with your whole family without missing out on your dearest dog or pet. If you think this article sounds interesting enough to share, then feel free to share it with your family and friends so they can also get the most of their travel experience without leaving their pet behind.