In order to achieve a classy, edgy, and sophisticated look, you are just a leather jacket away

Springtime or winters, one knows that a leather jacket will not sit in your wardrobe for long. 

Stylish and trendy, you know, from a tee to a ball gown, a leather jacket has the allure to look best with all and give you the x-factor that you require. With the right poise and elegance, you also need to pair your leather jackets with the right outfits and accessories to look the best. 

When we say that a leather jacket goes well with literally anything, we meant it. This is how we would prove it:

1. Look extra professional

leather jackets

Take out your straight-legged pants if you are aiming to look classy and professional. Wear a shirt tucked in and put on your leather jacket. Now, the catch is to pair your leather jackets with a pant that’s either of the same color or something in contrast. Do not add a lot of colors to the look. Put a ring in one of your fingers, wear flats, preferably closed shoes, and you would be good to go. 

Now for the ones who always want a look that isn’t too hard to achieve:

2. The tee with a message

Get yourself a basic tee with a line or two written on it. You can also choose one with paragraphs, perfectly no problems with that one too. Pair it with solid-colored tights or jeans and wear a jacket. Now, this leather jacket can be of any color, as long as it goes well with the bottoms. 

3. The minimalistic Khaki look

Get yourself a khaki jean and a bomber leather jacket. You do not even have to put much effort here. Just get the right fit, wear a basic monotone tee, and you will be good to go. Wear closed shoes or sandals, dependent on the type of bottoms you wear. You can even rock this outfit with a pair of heels.

The minimalistic Khaki look

4. “Skirt” your way

Wear a full-length or a miniskirt that is entirely your call. However, know that a leather jacket can make your outfit look gorgeous to a whole new level. Get a polka-dot shirt or the checkered one. Both of them look equally beautiful. Pair the skirt with a basic blouse and flat shoes, and you will be good to rock your lunch or dinner date. 

(Don’t put the skirt back if you plan to go out with your friends as well)

5. Leggings 

Yes, we know you own a dozen pairs of black leggings. Cozy, comfy, and trendy, this is what will make you look. Wear your regular black leggings, a basic tee, and your favorite studded leather jacket. On a sunny day, put on sunglasses. Also, you may get a handbag to complete the look. 

(It can be a leather handbag too)

6. Floral prints 

Take out that knee-length floral dress lying in your wardrobe for long to pair with your glamorous leather jacket. While you may think that both may not go well together, you’ll know once you put on both. It is the classic outerwear to add life to your overall look. A leather jackets are available in so many colors. While being high on price, they are high on durability and high on elegance. 

But on boots of the same color. You’d look just the best.

7. Pair it with your athleisure

9 tips to slay leather jackets

To maintain the ‘I woke up like this look,’ pair your leather jacket with your active wear. While the busy life you have demands something that is practical, as well as comfortable, you should not forget that you also have to look trendy and up to date. Pair your Athleisure with a leather jackets. Get one with a lot of zips if needed. They look equally good. 

Fashion and function can actually become a fusion. 

8. The basic long dress

While one can wear a leather jacket with a floral dress, let’s talk about the basic long dresses without any patterns. Do not be afraid of getting a long monotone dress with no patterns. Pair them with embellished or a studded leather jacket. You would thank us for helping you in achieving an exclusive look. 

A basic long dress does not need a lot of colors, and you would also not be required to wear a lot of jewelry. This time, you can experiment with the jacket as much as you want. Get something with rhinestones, zip, or other studs. They’d look magnificent. 

(If we have not told you yet, then you can pair it with a sequin dress too)

9. Abaya

Abayas are a trend that can never die in the middle-east. But do you know that leather jackets can go well with abayas as well. Just like we said, wear them with literally anything and everything. You just need to get one that isn’t too loose. Put on a leather jacket with zips on it, and ta-da, you have your trendy look ready. 

Just by knowing how to pair it right, you would understand that leather is the new denim. 

Bottom line

If you already own a leather jacket, you would want to take it out and pair it as many times with different outfits as you can to create a different look. If you don’t, then you would want to invest in one. On the other hand, you may own a few and want to invest in more. There are literally so many looks that a leather jacket can help you achieve. We recommend that you experiment with all of the ones mentioned above.

Sorry, we forgot what we always have to do. Give you last-minute pro tips! Here they are:

Get a leather jacket which is exactly your size. Not too fit and not too loose. Wear literally whatever, but DO NOT MIX BROWNS AND BLACKS. (Pair your blacks with a white, instead.)

And, of course, also get a mask that contrasts well. 

  • This is a guest post written by Justin Cody.