In a marriage, there are chances of conflicts and differences that may force you to consider stepping out of such a relationship. During such times, you should consider all your options before considering to end the marriage. There is an option of legal separation which gives you an alternative to divorce. Under legal separation, you and your partner agree to live apart for a certain period of time but are still legally married. This allows you to have some time apart from each other before considering to end the marriage once and for all. You can get help from separation lawyers regarding this field of law.

While considering separation, the couple should consider many factors before going through with it like:

  • Living arrangement of the children
  • Payment of mortgages and outstanding debts
  • Who stays in the house and who moves out?
  • How they will support themselves and their children?
  • Operation of shared credit cards, joint accounts
  • Maintenance of property

How Does Legal Separation Work?

Separation Lawyers

A legal separation works when you and your partner want to stop living together as partners. One person may have to move out of the home or both partners can live under the same roof and have their personal space and life. This is known as “separation under one roof”. Separation requires you to prove your living arrangements to agencies who will consider factors like sharing finances, household expenses, intimate relations, and whether your family and friends are informed and consider you as separated. Separation lawyers can make the entire process smoother for all of the involved members.

What Role Do Separation Lawyers Play?

  • Legal separation and divorce cases come under family law. While planning to get a legal separation, it is important that you make certain decisions and come to an agreement regarding child support, finances, payment of debts, insurances, and maintenance. A separation lawyer helps you in case of disagreement in the sharing of responsibilities and payment of maintenance. They help you to reach a compromise.
  • If you have experienced domestic violence, it is of utmost importance that you take legal advice from an attorney that specializes in domestic violence cases, so that you can protect yourself legally by applying a domestic protection order that will force your partner to leave home.
  • If you are concerned about your child’s custody, living arrangement, and child support, it is advisable to take legal help that will help you make the right decision for your child. Separation lawyers can also make sure that your finances and assets are safe in case you are concerned that your partner may spend all the savings.

They will help you understand the procedures related to family disputes and will inform you about your rights. Separations usually take a toll on your mental and emotional health, therefore it is important to have a legal attorney that will guide you through the process. That makes it a little less overwhelming and ensures that you make sound decisions.

Separation Lawyers

What To Do After Separation?

After spending some time apart, you will either try to resolve the dispute and differences to try to rebuild your relationship with each other, or you will come to the decision of ending the marriage once and for all. You will need legal advice from your separation lawyers again. They will help you through the process and make sure you receive what is rightfully yours. Knowing your rights at this stage is important. A good divorce attorney will help through accounting assets of you and your partner, ensuring spousal support, custody of your children, negotiation settlements, filing for compensations and any form of abuse, and represent you in the court.

Separation can be the hardest decision that one has to make. It will make you have a rollercoaster of emotions that you may find difficult to deal with. It is essential to seek help from friends and family, and guidance from good separation lawyers, that will help you understand your rights so that you can make decisions that are best for you and your child.