It is hard to imagine a world without mothers. That is simply because it cannot exist. Moms play a crucial role in ensuring that the human race continues to exist by birthing and raising kids. While it seems easy, it is a ton of work that many women have to face. They may even do so alongside other tasking things like their jobs or caring for an older relative.

Parenting is tasking, despite the parenting tips that saturate the world today. As a mom, there is always so much to do, especially when you have growing children all around. There are meals to prepare, school run to handle, and assignments to help with. The list could go on with so many chores and parenting duties. And if you have your own job, it only gets busier. In the midst of all you have to care for, it may become easy to forget to take care of the one person who has always been with you – yourself. This does more harm than good in reality and if you’re not there, who is going to take care of your kids? So here are five self-care tips that you could practice to help you stay your best self while raising kids.

Basic Self-Care Tips for Extremely Busy Moms


1. Morning times are invaluable

If you find yourself waking up just in time for the morning rush, you may need to set an alarm for a few minutes earlier. Ten to twenty minutes of morning hours is just enough to allow you some time to yourself. Before you get right ahead to prepare breakfast, do the laundry, or wake the kids up to get them ready for school, take advantage of your few minutes me-time.

Whatever you do during your me-time depends on your needs, preferences, and circumstances. You may choose to exercise or take a morning walk while listening to music, do some yoga, or stay in bed and read a book – whatever suits you. What is important is that you make use of those precious few minutes when the only person awake in your home is you.

2. Take breaks

Take purposeful breaks. When drawing out your daily schedule or planning your week, include a break. Everyone needs one and certainly do mothers. Fix in an evening out with friends, movie night with your spouse, or anything else that fits your circumstances. Know that while parenting, every spare time you get is your friend.

Besides deliberate breaks that are part of your schedule, you may have unplanned breaks within your busy week. In any of those occasions, do something for self-development. For example, meditate, read a book, do some journaling or research, maybe even take an online class.

Take breaks

No, don’t spend the free time you have between taking the kids to school and preparing lunch (if you are a stay-at-home mom) or your lunch break at work (if you have a full-time job) thinking about the kids or looking for an extra chore to do. It’s okay to do this sometimes, but not healthy in the long run.

Also, remember that it is okay to get silly once in a while. Some moms might not get breaks often or afford to schedule some by themselves; circumstances vary. If you are one of those, it’s okay. Make the best out of even of chore time. Dance while cleaning up the house or doing the laundry. Do some singing while cooking, or some journaling while waiting for the oven’s alarm.

3. Be as healthy as you try to get your kids to be

Many moms encourage their kids to eat more vegetables and less candy, to engage in physical activities like doing well in PE at school or spend some time playing at home. These are all great steps to take to ensure that your kids grow healthy and strong. How about you though?

Be as healthy as you try to get your kids to be

If you find yourself always running to get coffee or wine (these things are not bad in themselves) just to get you through the day, you are doing it wrong. While you encourage your kids to eat right, you might as well stay away from poor eating habits like eating junk, bringing on coffee, to mention some. However, if you want to go for snacks, choose healthier options. Also, bear in mind that exercises are just as important for you as they are for your kids. So, take a few minutes each day to do simple routines in your home.

4. Get some sleep

In fact, get all the sleep you need. Do not trade your sleep for anything else, especially if you have a long workday ahead of you. When it is bedtime, go right ahead to your bed – no TV, no phones – and have a good night’s rest. This would leave you refreshed from the day’s stress and ready to face a new day. Getting sleep as needed will ensure that you stay productive and in good health.

5. It’s okay to get help

When a trusted friend or relative offers to help you with the kids or run some errands, don’t be embarrassed to accept it. And when no one offers but you have several things to attend to in little time or with limited resources, it is okay to pick up the phone or go over to their place and ask for help. If your spouse is available and can help, ask for some help. This will reduce the stress and allow you time – regardless of how small – to do something for yourself.

It's okay to get help

Bottom Line

Being a mom is far from easy. Maintaining a balance between being your children’s mother and being an individual could, therefore, be tough. But it is necessary for you to take care of yourself. It is also important that you stop having feelings of guilt every time you do something for yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty about spending a little time, pampering yourself or spending time with friends because it’s totally okay to do so. The self-care tips for extremely busy moms contained in this article are simple to follow. And that is an extra reason to include them in any parenting tips you live by. Taking care of yourself is an essential part of being a good mom, so don’t miss out on it!