Wine is one of the most sophisticated drinks. Besides its taste, drinking wine is also considered good for your health. And if you are a lover of wine, then you must invest in a good wine decanter. This blog highlights some of the key features that you must consider making the best pick. If you have a bar corner in your home, or you want any of these decanters for your party, then you can always buy a glass wine decanter where you can store wine and it remains fresh for a long time.

Tips For Buying The Best Decanter:

Wine Decanter


The first and the most important factor is the size of the decanter. Most of the decanters are made to fit one bottle of wine. You can find large-sized decanters as well. But most of the buyers prefer buying a single bottle fit decanter, a good option. Hence, it’s important that you must choose an option that matches your drinking habits and capacity. Large-sized decanters are good if you are hosting a party and there are many guests. In the case of the lesser crowd, you must settle with a smaller-sized decanter. There are different decanters for white and red wine and depending on the volume of wine to be stored, you can choose the decanter accordingly.


Another important factor that impacts the flavour of the wine is the shape of the decanter. Many of the decanters are designed to provide a large surface area to the wine. You must also choose a decanter that makes it easy to pour without dripping.


You can wine decanter at a lower price of $20 or more. The pricing will vary based on the size of the decanter, material and, of course, the brand.


Wine decanters can be a visually stunning piece. You can buy a simple one at a lower price, or if you feel like adding a decanter that is a blend of art and aesthetics, then go for the higher-end pieces. If you go for more intricate designs, then the price can be little high. You can go for antique decanters and collector’s items that last long and that present the rich taste of luxury in your home.

Easy to clean

Well, you have to thoroughly clean the decanter so that there are no traces of soap in it. Improper cleaning of the decanter will leave soap traces, resulting in impacting the flavour of the wine. So, when you are buying a wine decanter, you must also invest in a glass cleaner that reaches the edges of the decanter, thus allowing you to clean it well. Crystal glass is a good option, and you can also go for pitchers or jug type options that look good and are easy to maintain.

Easy to pour

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you must also choose a decanter that is easy to pour. The decanter should not be such that when you pour from it, the wine stare dripping. This not only looks clumsy but will also lead to wastage of wine.

Additional features to consider:

The pointer that we have highlighted above are mandatory ones, but there are some additional aspects that you must look into when making a purchase; these are dishwasher friendly, which makes cleaning of decanter ease. Chilling decanters are used for red wines, but you can also use them for white wines. These decanters are used for storing wines and keeping them chilled.

Wine Decanter

Wrapping It Up!

Whether you are buying a wine decanter for yourself or for gifting it to someone, it has to be of the best quality. The above-mentioned basic tips can be of great help when you are on the lookout for the best quality decanter.