As much as our hands serve us, it also become a medium for germs and bacteria to get to our body. There are ways to keep your hands clean, like washing them regularly. But the fact of the matter is that carrying soap and water is not feasible every time. In such a case, instant hand sanitisers play an important role. Although sanitisers have been available in the market for long, their importance was realized only in times of pandemic. The disease has hit us hard and left a heart-wrenching impact on all of us. The easiest way to prevent getting infected with Covid-19 is to clean hands and wear masks. This is especially important for older adults who are more susceptible to this disease. So, apart from investing in masks, choosing the right instant hand sanitiser is a must. In this blog, we are going to discuss it at length.

How Instant Hand Sanitisers Are Helpful?

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1. Clean Hands

Well, the ultimate use of hand sanitiser is to clean and disinfect hands. Our hands come in contact with so many objects and get exposed to germs and dirt. While washing hands at home is easy, but that’s not a feasible option when you are travelling or are outside. In such places having a hand sanitiser is necessary. Many of these come with 99.9% germ-killing ability.

2. Portability

Another reason that instant hand sanitisers become so useful is that they are easy to carry. Unlike water, you can use instant hand sanitiser anywhere, anytime, without the need to get up and move. This becomes particularly beneficial for older adults who have mobility issues. If you have an older adult at home or are travelling somewhere, having a bottle of hand sanitiser handy with you will be beneficial.

3. Good for group settings

Whether you are home or outside, foot traffic spreads germs easily and faster. Even if you have other people visiting your place, having an instant hand sanitiser will always be helpful.

4. Lower risk of disease

As we grow older, our immune system tends to become weak, and it can result in your body getting susceptible to various diseases. You can always take medication when ill but why now try and take all the necessary precaution to prevent the disease. It is important that you adopt the necessary methods to curb the entry of germs into your body. One of the ways to achieve this is by cleaning our hands regularly and adopting hygienic habits. Instant hand sanitisers are an effective way to get rid of those germs, therefore, you must always have a hand sanitiser with you, particularly with the Covid-19 showing no signs of diminishing.

5. Clean, germ-free, and soft hands

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While we all know that hand sanitisers contain alcohol to kill the germs, some hand sanitisers also come with emollients that keep your hand soft and give them a smoother look. Since the skin becomes fragile at an older age, use of hand sanitiser should be given preference. Good quality hand sanitisers with emollients, and natural ingredients like aloe vera, lemon, etc., adds to the benefit of the hand sanitisers.

6. Fragrance

Another important factor that you should consider when buying hand sanitiser for older adults is that you must not choose the one with a strong scent. Some older people are prone to allergies, and a strong-smelling sanitiser can trigger an allergic response. Hence, it becomes important that you choose a mild scented but good quality hand sanitiser.

Concluding thoughts

From the above discussion, we can conclude that a hand sanitiser is a must to keep Covid-19 and other infectious diseases at bay. Make sure that you choose good quality instant hand sanitisers.