Nissan has come up with many models of vehicle, and the company has a huge tradition and a good brand reputation in the market. They have been providing exceptional services in the automobile industry for a long time. The GQ Nissan Patrol is a unique model among the one the company has recently launched and it has some awesome features. Here we will see the GQ Nissan Patrol parts in detail.

The Rear Door Bracket

GQ Nissan Patrol Parts

This is a new brand new door extension introduced by Nissan. There can be a problem that the rear door doesn’t open as we intend it to be. This can cause problems if you have a big door and there is not enough space to get everything in. The new rear door bracket introduced by Nissan will help you to have enough space and as a result, you can easily move things around.

The Highflow ZD30 Airbox

If you are planning for an engine conversion or want little more performance and improvement on your vehicle, then this airbox will be a great choice. You also need the airbox to fit in tour Nissan car and you can hire a mechanic to install the same. The Nissan airbox ensures the best performance of the engine. The Airbox is one among the best GQ Nissan Patrol parts for you to try.

The Headlight Covers Suit 

The Nissan headlight covers suit is yet another accessory you may want to try. The headlight is a top quality item that Nissan provides and has a lifetime warranty against fading and distortion. Keep your headlight protected with this awesome headlight cover suit. It is affordable as well as comes with a lifetime warranty. You don’t need any modification or drilling, and you can install this cover with its clips. You should not miss this one among the GQ Nissan Patrol parts. 

Nissan Patrol s2 Y60 Pair Guard Repeater

You can protect your guard with this guard repeater from Nissan. In the case of falls and dangers, this indicator guard will help to protect the vehicle from damage and other issues. It will be an additional security to the vehicle and makes you feel more comfortable and secure while driving. The guard repeater is a good bet in the GQ Nissan Patrol parts. You can use such accessories to protect your Nissan car.

GQ Nissan Parts

The Nissan Patrol Door Mirror

A door mirror is essential if you are keen on making high standards of safety. You can attach the mirror to the door and it will easily help you to see the vehicles coming from behind. A rear mirror is a must and this one will be a great option to try. It can help you to prevent accidents and make you’re driving safe. This one is highly recommended among the GQ Nissan Patrol parts for you to try.

You can search such petrol parts online to choose the best one. Apart from the above parts, you can find some mechanical spare parts for your GQ Nissan, like brake protection, clutch hose, front wheel bearing kit, injector pump gaskets and lots more. You can consult your mechanic to choose such parts. Along with that, there are some body parts, mechanical parts, exhust system and suspension parts available in the market.


The GQ Nissan Patrol parts are very convenient and can provide you with value for money. There are many parts available and will help you in your driving. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary accessories and parts before you drive.