Every country has its legalities, with its own set of rules and regulations. And for handling these rules of the legal system, every country has different kinds of law advisors. These professionals are not only familiar with every section and code of the law but also they fight to provide justice to any sort of crime or dispute.

However, in Australia, there are other types of professionals who deal with different sections of the Australian law like legal issues regarding mergers, estates, crimes, negotiations, and so on.

Since you are pretty new to this domain, here we have mentioned the types of attorneys you will find in the country. Also, we will be discussing what their job profile is and what section of the legal system they handle. So, let’s start!

  • Criminal Lawyer

The first category of lawyers that we are going to study is the criminal attorney. These professionals deal with any sort of crime like sexual harassment, murder, felony, domestic violence, abuse, kidnapping, and so on. The responsibility of a criminal attorney is to study all the circumstantial and forensic pieces of evidence, talk with the victim and other witnesses of the case, prepare his terms and ideas in form of the justice and defend the client who has hired him or her.

  • Family Lawyer


Just from the name itself, you can understand that these attorneys deal with various kinds of family disputes. Some of the major family dispute areas that these lawyers cover are:

  • Child custody
  • Couple divorce
  • Making and validating wills and the riches of an individual
  • Providing legal suggestions over any dispute
  • Corporate Lawyer

One of the largest sections of the Australian law advisors is formed by corporate law advisors. These attorneys deal with any issue related to the corporate world, be it disputes between two rival companies or looking after employment issues. They also provide consultation and suggestions to corporate moguls regarding their businesses and how to run them. They take part in issues like bankruptcy, hostile takeovers, negotiations, making of new deals, and so on. Since they deal with so many things, their hands are always filled with cases.

  • Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyers are those professionals who deal with any sort of civil disputes trials. Litigation means that these attorneys will handle the trial processes including depositions, appeal, settlement talks, regarding properties or other succession issues. The plaintiff litigation attorneys are also involved in draft pleadings which are a necessary step for initiating a civil lawsuit against opposite party. Apart from these, the litigation attorneys look over the process of exchange of information between the two legal parties, which may include documents, deposition statements, and so on.

  • Finance Lawyer

The next category of Australian lawyers is financial attorneys. These individuals deal with any kind of financial problems like:

  • Shares and stock prices
  • Financial covers for insurances
  • Settlement money
  • Compensations for suing
  • Loans from banks
  • Block chain money accounts
  • Company’s finances, profits, and budgets
  • Mergers and Acquisition Lawyer

Family lawyers

In the corporate world, now and then companies merge or one parent company takes another child company under its wings or expansion of businesses. Both these incidents involve the exchange of valuable information and hence, the work is done under the legal jurisdiction by none other than the merger and acquisition law advisors. They help in coming to a negotiation between the two parties for a merger where both parties will face a win-win situation. Sometimes, the attorneys exchange the position of a board member for shares in the companies and so on. Lawyers


Well, these are the basic types of lawyers that you will find in any law firm in Australia. Apart from them, there are subcategories of each lawyer type. So, when you want to take some legal advice, be sure you are choosing the right lawyer.